Man Trapped Underground for 69 Days is Whiny, Says Local Newspaper


Edison Peña, one of the 33 Chilean miners rescued last month after 69 days trapped underground, has now had the pleasure of being insulted by the New York Post, which today calls the man “nitpicky” on his tour of New York. The tabloid is upset by Peña’s reaction to various New York City tourist attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, a street hot dog and the Empire State Building. He was less than thrilled about the first two and called the view from the top of the Empire State building “beautiful.” That, to the Post, is not good enough.

The Statue of Liberty wasn’t as magnificent as he had imagined, and the hot dogs just weren’t that tasty, Peña said yesterday, his second day of touring the city ahead of his competition in tomorrow’s ING New York City Marathon.

“It is not white? I thought it was bigger and whiter,” an incredulous Peña said of Lady Liberty while touring Battery Park and posing for photos.

“In the movies, it looks whiter,” said the copper miner, unaware that the statue is made of copper and is green from oxidization.

“In Chile, they are better!” he said of a hot dog with ketchup and mustard. In all, not too offensive, though who could be blamed for not wanting to pass up the “Chile reception” pun.

The Post knows as well as the rest of New York City, that Peña is correct. Going to the Statue of Liberty is underwhelming and borders on boring, while there is a very specific mood and moment in which a chunk of grade F meat floating around in discolored water all day becomes appealing. Peña, try this and get back to us. Post, shhh.

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