David Epstein, Columbia Professor, Charged for Sleeping With Daughter for Three Years


It’s a bad week for Columbia University, what with the bust of five of its students for selling $11,000 worth of drugs to undercover cops, and now…this. Via DNA Info, poly-sci professor David Epstein was charged yesterday for having a three-year sexual relationship with his 24-year-old daughter. Oh, dear.

According to the cops, the relationship was “consensual,” which doesn’t make it less icky, and started after Epstein’s daughter turned 18 (also not making it less icky, though making us realize it could be more so). Like many sexual gambits in these modern times that don’t involve incest, it apparently included the exchange of “twisted text messages.”

Epstein has been arraigned on one count of felony incest, and is on administrative leave and “not teaching students”; his photo and bio currently remain on Columbia’s website. Which is where we found out that his middle name is “Lester.” You cannot make some things up. (Via the Columbia Spectator, Epstein’s defense attorney says, “David is a respected member of the Columbia University and national academic communities, and we think he deserves privacy and respect while the investigators are investigating. We are asking people to remember that these allegations are nothing more than allegations.”)

Making matters even worse if the allegations do turn out to be more than allegations, Epstein is really smart, with a PhD from Stanford and a bachelor’s degree from Harvard. Students also apparently liked him a lot. And he blogged for the Huffington Post.

You never can tell, people.

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