Faye Dunaway’s Master Class Movie: What The Hell Happened?


The screen version of Master Class–directed by Oscar winner Faye Dunaway, who stars as opera diva Maria Callas–was scheduled to come out in 2010.

But it ain’t ready, divas.

A while ago, I had gotten an anonymous tip that people had stormed off the set for some reason and there was major trouble. I paid it no mind, because I get anonymous tips all the time, and they often have an agenda attached.

But a friend just informed me that someone really involved in the production is telling people the movie ran out of money and it’s a big debacle.

Not very Class-y!

And quite poignant considering the long road Faye had to take to get this film launched in the first place.

Faye’s side of the story is that she filmed half the movie, but she’s in no rush to complete the rest–she wants to take time to go to festivals and look at other movies and learn about filmmaking.

Believe it?

Either way, you can definitely see Tyne Daly do Master Class on Broadway starting in May.