New York Times Makes Accidental Dirty Joke: “Have You Been Plowed?” (UPDATED)


Earlier we mentioned the New York Times question of the moment: “Have You Been Plowed?” We had to know: Is this unprecedented snowbound tongue-in-cheek fun for the paper of record? Or are they really just inquiring as to whether our streets still have white stuff on ’em? Alas, the headline has now been changed to the far less titillating “Has Your Street Been Plowed?” Boooo. Our inner Beavis and Buttheads weep.

Yet, this unexpectedly raunchy Tweet from the City Room lives on, as does the screengrab before the jump!

One commenter’s response: “erm, not that I’d like to announce publicly…”

Turns out that our own Mr. Mayor Bloomberg HAS been plowed. The Times has a picture of a very clean-looking East 79th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues, going on to say:

“The block happens to be the home of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg – those are the bay windows of his doublewide townhouse on the left. East 79th, it should be noted, is also a thoroughfare for buses, so there’s plenty of reasons to keep it extra-clear.”

Plenty, indeed! Also, if you have been plowed, congrats are in order. Meanwhile, we’ve contacted City Room for comment on their possible unintentional dirty joke.

UPDATED: From Wendell Jamieson, Deputy Metropolitan Editor for the Web, the joke was indeed inadvertent:

Sadly, when the headline went up, the double entendre didn’t occur to me — I guess I’ve got snow on the brain. But several commenters pointed it out, and so we tweaked…

Snow! Keeping things interesting!


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