Odd Future Will Be Back In New York City on February 15 at Santos Party House


Uh oh. When last we saw teenage L.A. scandal rap collective Odd Future, it was in the basement of Webster Hall, where the entire evil axis of New York rap critics gathered to watch frontdemon Tyler the Creator take emphatic hits off an asthma inhaler. (Once he got his breath back, he told us to all go fuck ourselves.) It was an uneven and exhilarating debut from a group who are even now racing to stay ahead of their own hype, and so back again they come, this time to the top floor of Santos Party House, on the day after Valentine’s Day, no less. Tickets are on sale now.

Perhaps Mos Def will be back too, in an even warmer hat. These spectacles are not uncomplicated, morally; we also hope that the group someday figures out they’d be better off going full Wu-Tang than playing nine sequential solo shows on one stage. But Tyler is worth the price of admission alone, a young H.R., even if the rest of the group hasn’t quite figured out to be his Bad Brains yet. Maybe by February they’ll have worked it out. [Santos Party House]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 13, 2011

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