Williamsburg’s Sideshow Gallery Features a Kaleidescope of 450 Metro Artists


Two realizations, one in pursuit of the other, strike those who enter Williamsburg’s Sideshow Gallery to see curator Richard Timperio’s new collection, IT’S ALL GOOD apocalypse now. The first: That every inch of wall is covered with a mosaic of paintings, from ceiling to floor, often with only inches to separate them, and no two alike in size, shape or color. The second: That the art here draws out more than passing glances and demands careful examination, like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that make up no unified image. It’s beautiful chaos, and it’s all good.

The annual open call exhibition, now in its 11th year, features work from 450 artists, most of whom live and work in New York City. “It’s a chance to show what’s going on at the moment, a collective event, a sort of mini survey show. It’s got its own beat going. It’s a range, it’s a mixture, but there’s no theme,” says curator Richard Timperio, a Williamsburg painter and resident since 1979.

Each version of the event has opened under a unique title — this year’s taken partly from the Bob Dylan song of the same name. “It’s just a catch-all,” says Timperio. “Everyone goes on saying ‘It’s all good’ but the underlying thing is that it’s all going to collapse.”

Some of New York’s most prominent painters are regular fixtures in the collection, yet their work is arranged in such density, with artists of all levels of notoriety, that notoriety itself seems to balance out. Moving from one painting to the next, inches to the left or right, feels like plucking out another piece of delicious candy from an endless jar. The show runs until February 20.

Sideshow Gallery is open from 12-6, Thursday through Sunday, and is located at 319 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn.

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