Dietrich’s Legendary Schtup With JFK: I Have the Dirty Details


Let’s time-travel to the 1960s, when sex was just as wonderfully dirty, but much more shameful about it.

As you know, President John F. Kennedy slept with everything that wasn’t nailed down, but one of his more glorious conquests was screen legend Marlene Dietrich, whom he romanced after inviting her to the White House in 1962.

(I guess he didn’t want to spring for a room in a love motel.)

As Marlene is quoted as saying in Charlotte Chandler‘s new book, Marlene:

“Most of him was relaxed, but not all of him.”


“I don’t remember most of what happened because it was all so quick,” the screen goddess went on.

“Afterward, I remember saying, ‘Please don’t muss my hair.’ ‘I had a show to do later that night.

“I thought he was even faster than his father,” continued Marlene, amazed.

“He seemed satisfied. Maybe much of it happened in his mind before he got there.”

Or maybe JFK’s main focus was asking the screen goddess if she’d really done it with his father, as JFK actually asked while zipping up!

“No,” swore Dietrich in reply. “He tried, but I didn’t agree.”

What a pro. Always telling the men what they wanted to hear.