Dov Charney’s Sexual Harassment Woes: The Plot Thickens


It’s a commonly held belief that the irascible Dov Charney is simply a pervy sexual predator, and that the latest round of women accusing him of misdeeds have truly been abused. But the reality isn’t shaping up to be that simple. Emails and texts from Irene Morales, the former employee suing the company for $250 million, paint a somewhat different picture of what may have happened. And now The New York Post has evidence indicating that Kimbra Lo, the latest accuser, isn’t 100 percent blameless either. What’s going on?

First, Morales. She is suing AA for a quarter billion dollars, accusing Charney of pressuring her to perform sexual acts in exchange for continued employment over a period of eight months. She went on the Today Show last week to talk about it.

Gawker has emails and texts from Morales that indicate a more complicated dynamic. Texts like “I bought a fat dildo,” and emails asking for clothes and saying “do it for all those delicious blowjobs I would give you, and how I would lick your little asshole clean!!! And how I would love to do it again when I see you!”, plus nude pictures — well, unless those have been somehow fabricated, it doesn’t look good for the veracity of Morales’ case.

Then there’s Kimbra Lo. Lo is a 19-year-old AA worker who’s accusing Charney of sexual harassment. She told the Today Show that Charney “instantly attacked me” when she arrived at his home in L.A. “And I made it very clear for him to stop. I said, ‘No, please don’t touch me,’ and he became more aggressive. Honestly, I don’t think there was a way for me to leave safely.”

However, Lo appears to have voluntarily posed in 69 pictures taken at Charney’s mansion in December. Also, according to the Post:

Lo also sent a series of flirty e-mails and texts to Charney in the weeks following the steamy interview, including confessions that “Lolita” was her favorite flick.

A few hours later, Lo and Charney had two phone conversations lasting a total of almost two hours, according to records provided to The Post.

As one of Charney’s lawyers pointed out, Morales and Lo share a lawyer, Eric Baum. We have a request for comment in to him and will update if we hear back. We’ve also reached out to Charney’s lawyers and will update if we hear back from them too.

Charney sounded pretty crazy when we talked to him about issues like this last summer. But maybe he really was talking sense the whole time.