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7-Foot Gator Breaks Into Florida Woman’s House, Chills in Her Guest Bathroom [Video]


It could always be worse. For instance, you could live in Florida. You could come home on Saturday afternoon after a night out to find that a 7-foot alligator has broken into your house and been hanging out in the guest bathroom all night long, leaving blood and a mess in its wake. It could hiss at you. It could be a 7-foot alligator. It may have been watching you for weeks.

The gator apparently used Alexis Dunbar’s doggie door (there for her two cats, which fortunately survived the gator break-in) to get in. No longer will Dunbar have a doggie door. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission took the gator, which the trapper said “wouldn’t make it,” away. Because you should really see video of a 7-foot alligator, here’s video.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 25, 2011

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