Scientology Silent Birth: A Testimonial


We’re trying something new this morning at Runnin’ Scared. Over the past few years, there’s been a lot of critical stuff written about the religion of Scientology and its founder L. Ron Hubbard on this blog. For the sake of balance, we’ve asked freelancer Antoine Oman* to write us an occasional post that looks at things from Scientology’s perspective. In this first piece, Oman writes about a first-person testimonial which lavishes praise on the practice of Scientology Silent Birth. — ed.

I first heard about Scientology’s practice of “silent birth” when Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise welcomed adorable little Suri Cruise into the world. It sounded fascinating, so I was enthralled when I read this testimonial from an Australian Scientologist named Sonya

Sonya writes that she was past due, and was looking for some advice about how to get things going. Thankfully, she had Scientologist friends with an answer…

I tried the natural remedies for inducing your own labor, specifically taking a long walk. That night I went into labor!

You can feel Sonya’s excitement, can’t you?

Anyway, Sonya then documents quite vividly the sort of cramps she was feeling during labor — thanks, Sonya — but then comes the important part, her instructions to those around her to make sure her baby came into the world the Scientology way…

We had told the midwife and nurses that there was to be no talking while I was having a contraction. Thankfully, they did exactly what I asked!

All emphasis, I assure you, is in Sonya’s original. She really gets her points across.

Then, Sonya recalls, she was told that she could be in labor for hours. But this is a determined Scientologist with a planet to clear: Absorb Sonya’s inspirational words…

Mid one of the pushes I was told that it could go on for hours! I thought to myself that this is not going to happen. 10 minutes later out came the baby.

Please follow the link to her story, because you will love the photo of her baby, clearly beside himself with joy that he came into the world with no one saying a word.

LRH, you are a genius.

Readers, for our comments section, here are some subjects you might want to discuss after reading Sonya’s moving testimonial.

–Why, do you think, does Hubbard want a child to come into the world in silence?

–What effect did noisy doctors and nurses have on you as you were born, in this lifetime or any other?

–What sort of advantages will Sonya’s strapping young lad have that children born to wog parents lack?

Food for thought, certainly. Until next time, fellow seekers!

* Any resemblance of Antoine Oman to another writer who turned out to be an alter ego for a certain wiseass named Ortega is purely speculation on your part.