Levi Aron, the Questions: Was Leiby Molested? Video Shows Aron ‘Grooming’ Him As Molesters Do. What Was Aron Up to in Memphis?


Just accept the fact that Levi Aron’s reported confession for murdering Leiby Kletzky is mostly bullshit for what he has left out. After the funeral (a too quick one) Wednesday night, we may never know for sure whether the little boy was sexually molested. But go back to the surveillance video, and you’ll see Aron indeed acting like a classic molester.

Notice how Aron mostly doesn’t walk side-by-side with the little boy. Instead, Aron walks a few feet in front of him. Cops and shrinks who deal with molesters have told me that’s a common, and shrewd, technique by molesters.

As the cops and prosecutors bear down on Levi Aron, maybe they’ll find out just where he learned to pick up little boys on the street.

Which makes you wonder: Were there any missing children in Memphis — or unsolved sex crimes — during the couple of years during which Levi Aron lived there?

You can’t tell from the feeble coverage of the case in Memphis so far. (He’s not only a Hasid, he’s a “Memphian.”)

Has Levi Aron done this sort of thing before? From what little we know from the videos, he’s got the routine down.

Once a molester convinces his prey to come accompany him, the creep still doesn’t want to raise any suspicions by being seen walking together with the child. So the creep tells the prey to follow along. That’s also another step in the grooming that molesters do. Every instruction or suggestion from the molester that the little kid follows makes the kid more likely to follow the next suggestion and to keep following orders.