Leiby Kletzky’s Funeral Rush; Murder Suspect Levi Aron’s Penchant for Karaoke, Glee


Spurred on by Jewish funeral laws mandating that the service take place within 24 hours of death, the funeral of murdered 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky could occur as early as tonight. Various times are circulating around the net, but Yeshiva World News, a good source for info in the Hasidic communities, says the service could be as early as 8 tonight, July 13. As of 4 p.m., however, no time has been confirmed. And it’s not known whether the NYPD investigation in the shocking murder and dismemberment will delay the funeral.

Meanwhile, people in Brooklyn are still wondering about the schlubby suspect, Levi Aron (above). Although said to be an Orthodox Jew himself, Aron is apparently an avid fan of bland, mainstream culture like online karaoke, Glee, and American Idol, according to his Facebook page. Aron’s profile also includes scores of moderately sexy girls from around the world who are listed as his “friends,” even though they really aren’t. By late this afternoon, Aron’s number of “friends” had fallen from 239 to 220.