What Happens When Fox News and Fox News Latino Cover the Same Story? Hilariousness


As we never get tired of pointing out, Fox Nation is a web-site where totally non-racist editors post links to stories guaranteed to anger up the blood of their no-doubt-about-it racist readers, many of whom immediately take to the Fox Nation comment threads to uncork monstrous slurs those editors then have to delete. It’s a brilliant scheme guaranteeing those editors never go out of work: Cram internet babies full of anger protein, and then hose out the diapers!

Still, those editors have accepted something that their readers haven’t, yet: That non-white people in America have a legitimate say in things! Also, sometimes they use “money” to purchase “goods” from “advertisers.”

To cash in on that, Fox has launched Fox News Latino, a much less hateful news site featuring stories on topics Fox Nation avoids, like soccer and countries we aren’t at war with. Much of it is as uplifting as regular Fox is upsetting: “Latino Wins ING Miami Race” and “NFC Wins Pro Bowl, Cruz Sets Record.” (Interestingly, the vanilla Fox Nation site has yet to try headlines like “Whites Hopeful for Win at Torrey Pines.”)

But once in a while all-white Fox Nation and pro-brown Fox News Latino cover exactly the same story. Times like that are delicious.

First, here’s Fox Nation’s current screed on the Obama administration’s push for immigration reform.

Can you see anything in here designed to soil anger babies’ shorts?

Here’s two typical comments from Fox Nation readers:

First, “viking54” calls the “p.o.s.” president “Buckwheat” for his plan to steal [white] veterans’ insurance and give it to the most terrible people of all: Those who didn’t have the decency to be born in America, like Vikings were. Amerisad, meanwhile, offers up one of those grand unifying theories of everything, one much less hilarious than the name “Amerisad,” which is what I will call the upside-down flag emoticon I’m inventing.

But just one click away, over at Fox Nation Latino, here’s how the same story is being covered:

Hooray for immigration reform!

You’re probably thinking that the comments at Fox News Latino might be of interest, just like those at Fox Nation. But there’s one other major difference between the sites, besides that shift in tone from rage to triumphalism, and the emphasis on embarissingly picante oranges and reds. Turns out, over on Fox News Latino, comments are not allowed.

That’s one for history: Fox has taken steps to keep its angry whites from hopping the border and taking over.