When Steve Guttenberg Met Allan Carr….


Steve Guttenberg was an up-and-coming actor when he was looked over by producer Allan Carr, as it were, in the offices of William Morris in 1979.

Carr was searching for someone hunky to play the supporting role of Village People creator Jacques Morali in Can’t Stop The Music, the splashy musical with that disco group starring as themselves in a tale of locker rooms, milkshakes, and hit records.

In his memoir, The Guttenberg Bible, Guttenberg recalls the highly personalized cattle call, as it were, that had him face-to-derriere with Carr.

“Allan, 350 pounds of cynicism and creativity, sat on a couch in a caftan, a flowing one-piece tent that covered almost all of his body….I tried not to notice that he wasn’t wearing underwear.

” ‘Turn around. Let me see your tush.’ I did. Is this what I have to do to get a job?

” ‘Do you have any aversion to wearing a sock in your pants? Enough.’ He clapped his hands like a sultan and his yes-men ushered me out.”

Well, Allan must have liked what he saw, because Guttenberg got the job–but not without a warning. The actor’s agent urged him, “Whatever you do, don’t be alone with Allan. He’s a grabber!”

So is that part of the book.

PS: The movie flopped–disco was peaking, for one thing–and Carr didn’t take it very well. He holed himself up in his Benedict Canyon home (without underwear, no doubt) and Guttenberg writes that seeing a mogul alone is upsetting.

“They become human, and sometimes there isn’t much human in there.”

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