UPDATED: Banksy Unveils New Work in New York, Promising Month-Long “Residency”


Update: We found it! Location and photo at the end of the post.

About two weeks ago, the elusive graffiti artist Banksy got the Internet whirring when he tore down his multipage website and left just a single black-and-white image of a previously unseen stenciled work and an apparent announcement of an upcoming, um, show titled “Better Out Than In.”

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Predictably, speculation spouted forth: Where will Banksy–who has never been positively identified and has given few interviews, hardly ever in person, over the course of his street-art-world career–turn up? Almost as quickly, the consensus homed in on Los Angeles, though the location of the piece remained shrouded in mystery, and no one could offer any tangible evidence that it was painted in L.A.

This afternoon, though, Twitter sent forth words and images of a new Banksy sighting in Chinatown.

That’d be Chinatown, New York City.

And moments ago, the early birds’ tweets were confirmed …

… by Banksy himself, on his site.

In lieu of the static placeholder image of the past two weeks, there’s now an interactive message that begins:


an Artists residency

on the streets of New York

followed by photos of the new Chinatown piece and an announcement that “for the next month Banksy will be attempting to host an entire show on the streets of New York.”

Update: “Graffiti Is a Crime” Sign Already Snatched from Banksy’s New Chinatown Artwork

Evidently, each new work will be accompanied by a stenciled toll-free number that people can call.

“To enhance your enjoyment of the exhibits an audio guide is provided via cell phone. Simply call the number next to the painting and select the appropriate option on the keypad.”

The first number: 1-800-656-4271 #1.

See Banksy’s new work on the next page …


Not satisfied to take the Internet’s word for anything, Runnin’ Scared immediately sallied forth from our 100 percent graffiti-free Maiden Lane headquarters in search of Banksy’s in situ debut.

More as we we learn it.

UPDATE: We found it!

It’s at 18 Allen Street, near Canal, on the Lower East Side.