Banksy Day 10: There’s a Little Graffiti Beaver out in East New York [UPDATE]


Well this is refreshing: a Banksy piece in the reaches of New York’s outer rim. Today’s Banksy lands in East New York. Don’t worry, folks, it’s just a quick ride on the J train from the comfort of your South Williamsburg co-working space. That said, we’re guessing this one is going to take a little bit longer to find, so stick with us as we track it down.

Update, 1 p.m.: We found it!

Update, 3.50 p.m.: Some Guys Are Charging Spectators to Look at Banksy’s Graffiti Beaver

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Update, 1:55 p.m.: Someone hired contractors to chisel the beaver out of the wall. How’s that for a sentence?

There’s virtually nothing to this piece: no audio, no text, just a lonely beaver seesawing* on a rusted “NO PARKING ANYTIME” sign. Cute though, ain’t he?

So tipsters: you know what to do. If you know where this Banksy piece is, let us know.

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*Correction! He’s not seesawing! He knocked it over! dawwwwwww.

We found it! See a map and the location on the next page.

274 Bradford Street near Pitkin Avenue, East New York, Brooklyn.

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