Banksy’s on the Upper West Side With a Sledgehammer-Wielding Child


Good morning/nearly afternoon! While you (we) were sleeping off that fifth rum and coke, our good friend and creeping British menace Banksy struck again. After his vaginal foray into the wilds of Staten Island yesterday, he hit the brunch-mobbed Upper West Side with this adorable child intent on destroying a sprinkler system.

It’s probably a commentary on the corrosive nature of class distinction, or a sly dig at how arts education is vanishing in this country, leaving behind hordes of angry, disaffected, budding-arsonist children with no healthy emotional outlet. Or it’s just a kid about to break something. Dunno.

Word is that it’s on 79th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam. Just follow the mobs of people taking photos and elbowing each other out of the way.

Update, 12:15: Guys. We know it’s a reference to one of those “Test Your Strength” deals at a fair. We know. We were being funny, or trying. Thank you nonetheless for all the helpful (and very prompt!) e-mails, tweets and Facebook comments. Art criticism lives!

Here’s a video of the crowd surrounding the piece behaving, you know, dreadfully: