Tea Drunk and Butter Lane Are Throwing a Tea Party With Cupcakes


Sharing an address (123 East 7th Street), it was only a matter of time before Tea Drunk, specialists in the terroir of Chinese tea, and Butter Lane, cupcake aficionados, joined forces for a tea party: They’re throwing one this Sunday, August 9.

“The idea came from our staff. They know each other pretty well, and do tea and cupcake exchanges, and we just thought, we should do this!” Tea Drunk founder Shunan Teng tells the Voice. Teng spends three months a year trekking through remote tea estates to select leaves for brewing back in NYC. “We’re tea geeks,” Teng proudly admits. “Usually we don’t have food in our store, because we really want the tea to shine on the palate, but as we tasted the tea with the cupcakes to make our pairings, we discovered new flavors being brought out that we didn’t imagine.”

The floral, medium-roast Rou Gui tea complements the Elvis cupcake (banana sponge with peanut butter frosting), and one of Tea Drunk’s most popular teas, the distinctive red-colored Dong Nong, takes on a sweetly herbal note when paired with the vanilla and raspberry frosting.

“We’re doing five pairings, with cute tiny cupcakes, so you get to try a real range, and you get to experience the ceremony of our traditional tea-making methods,” Teng notes. “We brew the tea in a covered bowl, then we strain it into a pitcher and pour it into a three-sip cup. It’s a method that makes you slow down and really appreciate and savor the moment.”

Tickets are $29, and the event has timed sessions throughout the day.

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