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Jessamyn Rodriguez launched this socially conscious bakery and business incubator in 2010, after time spent working for the United Nations and baking under Daniel Boulud. Nestled beneath an elevated railway in the middle of Spanish Harlem, Hot Bread Kitchen sells a staggering array of baked goods with recipes whose origins stretch across the globe. But even more righteous than the aromas of baguettes, focaccia, and Armenian lavash that fill the market is the bakery’s mission to foster economic security for its bakers, who must be foreign-born and low-income in order to work there. Many of the men and women who graduate from the program go on to work in professional kitchens (Boulud even snatched one up for his bakery department) and start their own businesses. Don’t sleep on stone-ground tortillas made from yellow, white, or blue corn, or the two kinds of Persian flatbread: savory nan-e barbari with sesame seeds, and the milk-and-honey-infused nan-e qandi, perfect for dunking into tea or coffee. In addition to their headquarters, you can find their products at numerous shops and greenmarkets around the city. 1590 Park Avenue, Manhattan 10029, 212-369-3331,

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