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If you’re looking for a hairstyle and color that will cause total strangers to stop you on the street and kvell, get in touch with Fred Hodges, who’s been cutting hair since Ford told New York to drop dead. Hodges calls himself a frustrated actor; his 42 years as a hairdresser began at Bergdorf’s in Buffalo, and continued in New York and London. He’s worked on Broadway shows and for MTV’s

House of Style, and for a period in the 1990s he was bicoastal, commuting between digs in Manhattan and his own salon in San Francisco. He’ll help solve your beauty conundrums: For one client, he found a way around an allergy to hair dye by applying only highlights, so chemicals never came in contact with her sensitive scalp. Needless to say she, like most of his clientele, is very loyal. He currently comes to town only on Thursdays and Fridays, working in a baroque second-floor studio over a pizzeria in Chelsea. Elizabeth Zimmer

Seventh Avenue, Manhattan, by appointment only