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Best Hike That Begins at a Metro-North Stop


One minute you’re racing through Grand Central, weaving through a maze of tourists and commuters, hoping to grab a coffee and still make the train. Less than an hour and a half later, after a pleasant ride along the Hudson (pro tip: sit on the left side of the car for river views), you will get off the Metro-North train in the tiny town of Garrison. The hike starts right there at the station: Head south through the parking lot and follow the blue-blazed trail past the Garrison Institute, across a field and a road, and pretty soon you will find yourself in nature. The trail goes into woodland that was once carriage roads of old estates and is now part of the Hudson Highlands State Park. Looking out over the summit of Sugarloaf Hill, you’ll find sweeping views of the river and Hudson Valley that make it easy to understand why the area inspired a whole school of painting. Less easy to understand is that the city is not even sixty miles away.