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Best Place to See a Jazz Show at 3 a.m.


It’s well past midnight and you’re in the mood for music that doesn’t involve someone with headphones and a laptop. You’re in luck: In Greenwich Village, there’s a live-music gem that jams late into the night. Descend the stairs into Smalls Jazz Club, where musicians of all ages show off their skills during nightly after-hours jam sessions. The club lives up to its name: It’s a basement space with a tiny performance area (“stage” seems a generous word here). You’ll see audience members dip out and return, instrument in hand, ready to sub in and improvise with the folks onstage. Even if you’re not a fan of jazz, Smalls boasts such an immersive experience that it’s difficult not to get swept up in the music. If you nab a seat by the drum kit, you can check out the drummer’s talents from another angle, courtesy of an overhead mirror. And if you can’t make it out, or go to bed on the early side, don’t despair — you can register to be a member of SmallsLIVE and stream shows, both live and after the fact. 

183 West 10th Street, Manhattan