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Best Place to Stick It to the Man


A small room, some books, and a donation basket. These, according to anarchist space the Base, are the necessary ingredients for revolution. The Bushwick-based community center hosts everything from leftist tech collectives to letter-writing campaigns; walk into a discussion on mental illness in resistance movements and you’ll likely find a mix of young and old, university students and crust punks, maybe even some toddlers running around. Between events the library provides a range of radical reading material to unwind to, offering handmade zines, small-press publications, and mainstream classics. While the Base seeks to be a hub for organizers in a fast-gentrifying Bushwick, groups aren’t confined to Base walls. Its Copwatch trainings defend against police misconduct by sending citizens to stroll neighborhoods armed with cameras. The Radical Gardening group plants and harvests crops in public areas around Bushwick. The Base supports a range of organizing efforts, reminding us that revolution starts with community. 

1302 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn