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Shonda Martin, CEO of Road To 750 LLC, Teaches Millennials the Importance of Maintaining a Good Credit Score


Many millennials have moved away from financial sectors such as credit cards, credit scores, and other finance-related activities simply because the industry has become too complex. With the world moving ahead and more people becoming cautious, the dream of having your own business or a good credit score seems less and less likely.

Due to these reasons, Shonda Martin started her credit education company, Road To 750 LLC. Shonda is a self-made entrepreneur, and she has developed a deep and thorough understanding of the financial market. According to Shonda, everyone should be able to access the coaching and teaching required to start their own business or obtain and maintain a good credit score.

Road To 750 LLC does all of that. Shonda has been able to help more than 300,000 people obtain and maintain a good credit score as well as educate them on other financial matters. She has worked with big names such as Experian, Smart Credit, and other financial institutions with her aim to bring easily accessible financial education awareness around the world.

Her numbers are incredible. With 300,000 people being coached and trained on credit, Her teachings have led to 10,000 new homes being closed, 6,000 new cars being purchased or refinanced, and more than 5 million dollars of credit limits.

However, reaching where Shonda is now was indeed a series of challenges. The challenge of being a beginner, the challenge of entering an incredibly complex industry, and on top of all these hurdles, the challenge of surviving in a male-dominated industry while being a woman. Shonda, however, rose to the top quickly because her work has out-shone and stood out from everyone else. Soon enough, she became who she is today.

These struggles have led to Shonda having an impressive and growing social media presence. Her TikTok account, @ShondaMartin_, has over 600,000 followers. Her Instagram has more than 60,000, and she has created one of the biggest finance education groups on Facebook with more than 350,000 members.

Through her company, Shonda focuses on teaching and coaching everyone, especially millennials, the importance of firstly achieving and then maintaining a good credit score. She also believes that if properly educated, anyone can then start their own businesses and become entrepreneurs.

Her philosophy and advice to everyone are that learning how to use credit properly and being responsible for your current cards is the first step towards a healthy and steady financial relationship. Shonda’s training helps people develop their portfolios and increase their credit scores as time goes by.

Currently, Shonda is working on a YouTube realty-based show about teaching credit. She hints at partnering with some of the best financial institutions in this show. In the future, Shonda hopes to do segments on daytime TV. Shonda’s drive for educating and informing others has become a part of who she is and what she does.

Unlike many other successful entrepreneurs, Shonda’s aim to educate people isn’t just a side adventure, it’s as important to her as anything else, and he has proven that time and time again.

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