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Justin Colby Revamps and Relaunches His Podcast, The Science of Flipping


Real estate investing has become increasingly popular in the past few years, and more people are showing interest in the industry. This has mainly been associated with the fact that, unlike other financial strategies, there are various ways to approach real estate. For instance, you can invest in residential rental properties and generate consistent cash flow or buy property in up-and-coming neighborhoods and sell it later if you are looking for long-term gains.

With tons of information available online, it has also made the sector easier to enter. People who are new to real estate and even veterans can now easily find a variety of blogs, videos, or coaching programs to guide them. Justin Colby is one of the pioneers in the industry who has been helping investors through his podcast. To ensure he gets to share his knowledge with as many people as possible, Justin has revamped and relaunched his podcast, The Science of Flipping.

Justin Colby aims to help people better understand the basics of real estate by focusing on tactical execution rather than just theory. Colby shares some of the best strategies, tools, processes, and systems while keeping listeners up-to-date with current market trends. Colby is using the platform to re-share his story and inspire other investors to follow his lead, fight for their dreams, and not give up.

The only reason people lose is that they didn’t stay in the game long enough to win, says Colby. He adds that if he had given up at the slightest sign of failure, all his achievements would still be a dream. Colby uses his experience and life journey to coach and mentor his students, showing them that if you are determined, you too can become a winner.

When he started, Colby was not doing so well financially and had no prior experience in real estate. He notes he had lost his house to foreclosure and was sleeping on a friend’s couch. Despite this, Colby didn’t lose hope. He believed in his ideas, worked smart, and 14 years later, he has flipped more than 1800 homes in multiple markets across the US and advised thousands of clients on how to become real estate investors.

Success starts by changing your mindset, says Colby. He notes one of the reasons many people fail to live their dreams is constantly blaming their situation and making excuses. Rather than just waiting because he didn’t have enough working capital, Colby started wholesaling. He would contract the property with the seller without necessarily buying it then assign it to the investor acting as a middleman. He was also sharpening his skills, and as his business started to pick up, Colby began buying his own rental properties and remodeling them.

He recommends anyone looking to get started in real estate and doesn’t have the resources to follow a similar path as it doesn’t require a great amount of starting capital. Through his podcast, Colby discusses some other ways you can do house flipping and strategies to help you become successful in the real estate sector.

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