How the NFT Influencer Splashy Became a Prodigy in the Space


NFTs are the new “gold mine” that everyone is talking about. Incredibly, these digital collectibles have been accepted faster than cryptocurrencies. Though many people are pumping their money into NFTs, not everyone is making a killing off the trade. This is because the NFT metaverse can be complex. Many entrepreneurs and traders are finding it hard to thrive in the sector.

On the other hand, entrepreneur and influencer Splashy is reaping big off the NFT world. Splashy is one of the many individuals enjoying a thriving NFT career. The former Fortnite content creator and professional gamer takes pride in being a prodigy in the space and helping NFT developers market their collections.

With a profound understanding of how the industry operates, Splashy has established a visible NFT influencer brand with a vast audience. Splashy created his success from scratch through a series of ups and downs. Incredibly, he managed to build an audience of 150,000 subscribers on his Fortnite YouTube channel and 20,000 followers on TikTok. His content has also been warmly received, amassing millions of views. Essentially his YouTube channel has gathered over 10,000,000 views and is still significantly rising in numbers.

With a thriving crypto and NFT career anchored in one of the largest Twitter NFT communities, Splashy is now focused on helping others find their way in the trade.

Splashy has faced numerous hurdles, but the biggest was getting started from scratch with no previous experience. He found it challenging to understand how the sector operates, as not all available information is verified. To overcome this, Splashy watched videos and read material from crypto enthusiast Gary Vee, who inspired him to change his life and chase his dream when he got started in cryptocurrency and NFTs.

One big life lesson from Splashy’s journey to the top is that success doesn’t just come and find you; you have to go and get it. Nowadays, it is easy to sit back, watch movies, go out partying, be lazy, and do things that will prevent success and you from reaching your goals. However, you need to find what you enjoy and always try to be the best because the harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you reach it.

In addition, Splashy’s advice is to never give up on your dreams and never listen to the naysayers. Instead, you should see doubters as your fuel to keep going and chase those dreams. Life is way too short to listen to those who steer you down the paths they want you to take rather than the one you want to take. There is a risk in pursuing your aspirations, and it might cause significant doubt in your mind, but you must take risks that no one else is prepared to take to achieve the unthinkable.

Splashy sees himself expanding his NFT influencer brand and platform in the coming years. He is also looking to share his crypto journey with the world and inspire others.