MOONWALKERS NFT: Why It Might Be the Next Blue Chip


Blue-chip stocks are the next wave in the stock markets as they present traders with a safer investment opportunity. They’re also known as the investing world’s “Old Faithfuls” as they not only provide the rapid rise of a hot company or today’s most popular cryptocurrency but also provide your portfolio with consistent profits over decades.

MOONWALKERS is an NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain developed by world-renowned space artist Liam Pannier. Liam is a spectacular 3D artist with a clearly defined artistic expression and a cutting-edge ability to build visuals of the highest quality in the most unbelievable atmospheres. Liam is considered a leading expert in his art form, specializing in outstanding space artworks that sell worldwide for thousands of dollars.

A unique project, MOONWALKERS, has amassed a significant social media following quickly, with more than 30K Twitter followers in under two weeks. The project has also attracted many blue-chip holders, including BAYC, MAYC, CloneX, and Azuki. In addition, MOONWALKERS has a solid and passionate Discord community of more than 10K members, which is worth following to learn more about the project.

An innovative and creative artist, Liam has also led projects for Warner Bros, Paramount Records, and Dej Jams, and this is his first NFT collection. He’s spent months on each color, texture, and element to ensure detailed and breathtaking art pieces. He’s created a whole story surrounding the characters and put his heart into these artworks.

With MOONWALKERS, holders have access to numerous benefits, including unshakable market stability. MOONWALKERS are also attractive to investors and retirees because they often pay dividends and provide consistent and stable income. Even if you’re not investing for income, a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) allows you to automatically transfer your dividends into more stocks of your blue-chip stock, allowing compounding returns to climb even faster.

“We want all holders to benefit from it. The roadmap of the MOONWALKERS project includes bringing to life the MOONWALKERS through high-quality, 3D-printed canvas art. The MOONWALKERS project continues to unfold as the roadmap is driven by the founders and holders of the characters. The project’s future ambitions include a clothing line, collaborations with famous artists, and potential short films using the characters,” Liam explains.

Moving forward, the MOONWALKERS team wants to scale and become the next blue-chip NFT and possibly evolve into a worldwide brand. They are also looking to develop their own merchandise and a clothing line. Growth is better achieved when you work with others, and that’s why the team is also looking to establish significant partnerships. This will be a great avenue for upcoming MOONWALKERS events, increasing holders’ chances for more success.

The MOONWALKERS team also wants to keep their community abreast with the latest trends in the Web3 world. They have also offered 100 holders tickets to the NFT Expoverse in Los Angeles and the Greator Festival in Cologne this July. MOONWALKERS holders will be able to take advantage of hours of invaluable content and knowledge while networking with entrepreneurs, artists, NFT collectors, and Web3 enthusiasts.