Dubfire Looks to EVOLV

Not Another DJ: Discussing the skills necessary to bring quality sounds all night long.


Iranian house and techno DJ and producer Dubfire got his start when he was a teenager playing house parties and school dances in the late ’80s. In an interview he tells Brett Callwood about evolving from playing local shows in the Washington, DC area to global shows in the mid-’90s: “It was not uncommon for DJs in that period of time to regularly play open to close sets,” he says. “So, honing your DJ skills required you to be adept at programming sets that slowly evolve throughout the night. And that usually means opening with a bit of ambient or deeper house and gradually increasing the BPM and energy level/genres of the music. So, my sound today is still informed by that blueprint. But the typically shorter sets obviously depend on the sound of a particular stage, venue or night.”

During the discussion, Dubfire discusses his latest release: “There is a sort of loose space travel theme permeating the sound—and song titles—of the album. ‘Bottom Dweller’ is the third single and is filled with that unrelenting tension and wonder we all have about space.”

Click here for Callwood’s full interview and selections from Dubfire’s new album. —VV editors

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