Nikki Finke is Dead, But Her Journalistic Legacy is Not

The take-no-prisoners reporter dissected the Hollywood scene with scalpel-sharp insights.


Journalist Nikki Finke, whom the Associated Press referred to as “The most feared columnist in show business” died of an undisclosed illness yesterday in Boca Raton, Florida, according to Deadline. She was 68 years old.

Finke honed her scoop-driven, take-no-prisoners style of entertainment reporting at LA Weekly with the column, “Deadline Hollywood.” Culture writer Lina Lecaro notes that Finke’s tough reportage “made an inimitable mark on journalism, and in particular what we’ve come to expect from quick-turnaround, breaking news on digital platforms. Her internet presence coupled with her firsthand takes on the entertainment business and its biggest power players, made her the go-to for behind-the-scenes investigative coverage of the inner workings and wrongdoers in Hollywood.”

Finke had a reputation as both a recluse and a risk-taker, gathering all the information for her juicy stories about actors, producers, and high-ranking studio executives by phone and email from her apartment in West Hollywood. 

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