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What CBD Is Good for Pain and Sleep?

If the CBD oils you’ve tried haven’t met your wellness goals, check out cbdMD’s latest products specially designed for pain relief and better sleep – all with gentle, natural ingredients.


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Have you tried CBD? By now many people have, but not everyone has gotten the same benefits from it. Maybe your friends have been telling you all about how daily CBD has helped them sleep better and run around without pain like never before, but these miracles haven’t happened for you. What gives?

The thing is, everybody – and we do mean every body – is different. The way you react to a CBD product isn’t exactly how another person might react to it.

But that doesn’t mean that there’s no CBD for sleep or pain that can help you. Most likely, you just need a stronger CBD product, a higher-quality CBD product, and/or the benefit of other ingredients that naturally support your wellness goals.

Fortunately, cbdMD now has a wealth of new products to help you meet those goals for pain and sleep. And they’re more affordable than ever before!

Best CBD for Pain: cbdMD MAX

The most important thing to understand about CBD for pain is that it’s not like taking an ibuprofen where you just pop a couple pills and 20 minutes later your ache feels better. Taking CBD internally is more about your long-term, systemic wellness, kind of like taking vitamins. It doesn’t target pain so much as it fortifies your body to fight whatever problem is causing the pain.

For that reason, if you’re suffering from recurring muscle and joint pain, you’ll want to maintain a daily regimen of CBD use. And if you take any other ingredients to help ease discomfort, you’ll want something that’s safe and non-habit forming so you can take it every day.

Enter cbdMD MAX pain relief CBD tablets. These handy little CBD pills for pain are made with Univestin, a proprietary blend of extracts from two traditional Asian medicinal herbs, Chinese skullcap and acacia catechu. Univestin’s manufacturer, Unigen, has clinically proven that the combo has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that led to less pain and improved joint function in three to seven days of daily use.

cbdMD MAX also includes a very potent dose of full spectrum CBD formula – 200 mg of CBD and 4 mg of THC in every serving. That’s a lot higher than the 10 mg or 25 mg per serving that might have been in the CBD products you tried in the past. But research suggests that higher potencies of CBD really are effective, and their side effects are minor or nonexistent.

Best CBD for Sleep: cbdMD’s Sleep PM

cbdMD’s CBD sleep products have been a very popular line since they were first rolled out a few years ago, and for good reason. The special blend, available in both tincture and softgel form, combines CBD with melatonin and a bouquet of herbs traditionally used for relaxation, like valerian, chamomile, hops, and lemon balm.

These CBD sleep aids were originally made with THC-free broad spectrum CBD formula, which is still a great option if you’re avoiding THC for whatever reason. But many users also find that THC helps them sleep even better than CBD itself.

So the natural next step was full spectrum CBD oil for sleep and full spectrum CBD capsules for sleep. Each serving of both contains 50 mg of CBD and 2 mg of THC, along with the same herbal formula that made cbdMD’s broad spectrum sleep products so popular. It’s less potent than cbdMD MAX, but that means that you can easily combine it with other CBD products without overloading yourself.

In fact, the great thing about CBD for pain and sleep is that the two things complement each other. The less pain you have the better you sleep, and the better you sleep the less pain you have, because deep sleep is when your body does its most intense healing. So head on over to cbdMD.com today to build the perfect CBD regimen for you!


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