The 5 Most Spectacular Scenic Drives in New York This Spring


The weather is pretty much perfect right now. We get to enjoy what both spring and summer have to offer. That’s why it’s perfect to go on a road trip. If that’s what you’re planning, you can view and admire some scenic drives in New York with your friends or family.

5 Scenic Drives in New York

1. Palisades Parkway

Palisades Parkway is a New Jersey and New York gem. If you’re looking for scenic drives in New York that isn’t far from the epicenter, you can check out the astonishing shores and mountains on your road trip. Palisades Interstate Highway is a 38-mile-long highway. If you’ll visit the area, don’t forget to stop by at Rockefeller Lookout — the place has an elevation of 400 feet and you’ll see the breathtaking view of the horizon.

2. FDR Drive

You may already frequently pass by FDR Drive. Therefore, it’s rather easy to forget how scenic the highway is — especially at night. And this is something we highly advise that you do: appreciate how beautiful the city lights truly are. If you check out the East River, you’ll see the reflection of the city lights there.

3. North Fork Trail

The North Fork Trail will make you gasp in awe. There, you’ll see the marvelous beaches and the ocean. This is also one of the most scenic drives in New York because North Fork Trail also has humble architecture — it has the small-town vibe that many wish to experience. Moreover, there are wineries in the area. Make sure to pay those a visit as well!

4. Olympic Trail

One of the most scenic views in New York, specifically the Olympic Trail, covers a few beautiful villages — including Lake Placid where the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics took place. While Lake Placid alone is already a wonderful view, you can also see a few other villages that are nothing short of magnificent. Other than the architecture, you can also view nature in its full glory — the pine trees are enormous and the waters are vividly turquoise and clear.

5. Seneca Lake Byway

If you’ll pass by Seneca Lake Byway, prepare your playlist and wear your sunglasses — it truly has that “vibe.” The 19-mile-long byway has plenty of stopover destinations. Such as wine distilleries, a lighthouse, and scrumptious yet quaint eateries. Passing by here will be memorable — especially if you’ll pay the byway a visit with friends or family. You’ll also see copious trees in various shades of green (and sometimes, amber).

Hop in!

Long drives and good company — that has to be one of the most memorable road trip experiences. What’s even better is if you aim for that in one of the most scenic drives in New York. NY roads have remarkable views of nature and buildings. You’re guaranteed to have an awesome time!



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