All Downhill From Here


SYNOPSIS: In which your Uncle LD once again shirks his dreaded voice-over high-jinks for the relative comfort of saying as little as possible—and playing more music! Though this time a bad old cold and a schnozzle full of snot are not the reasons! After last episode’s laughter-and-tears marathon (gagathon?), it seemed another Seasonal Affective Disorder program was in order. So here goes: Music to drowse to. We especially love the blissful new Mahogany record, for which we have been waiting for almost a year. Sometime in 200, if there is such a thing, we’ll even get around to having young Andrew and Robert in the little closet we call a studio for some chat and soundbytes. And thanks to Uncle Shawn Bosler for recommending the band Indian Jewelry; very Nagamatzu (which we adore). And need we say that though the idea (and reality) of Uncle Kevin Shields remixng Bow Wow Wow is likepornography to silly old us, we admit that we like the two cuts below not by him almost as well. Who could ask for anything more?

Well, I (of course) could—and shall: Buy my book! Buy my book!

NEXT WEEK: Holiday Lovebomb with Stephin Merritt
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HB20 Playlist

Indian Jewelry: Invasive Exotics (Monitor, 2006)
“Health and Wellbeing”
“Lying on the Floor”
See: indianjewelry

Mahogany: Connectivity! (Darla, 2006)
“Domino Ladder Beta”
“Tesselation, Formerly Plateau One”

Aloha: Some Echoes (Polyvinyl, 2006)
“If I Lie Down”
“Ice Storming”

Broken Land: Audio Postcard (Label, 2006)
“Moe’s Choice”

Marie Antoinette soundtrack (I Want Candy, 2006)
“Hong Kong Garden (With Strings Intro)” by Siouxsie & the Banshees
“Pulling Our Weight” by the Radio Department