Anarchy Artifacts


Crass were an English rock band who promised to split up in 1984. They did. The idea might’ve come from a David Bowie song, as some band members had unfortunate backgrounds in the comparatively limp fields of theatre and literature, and their accents render their most furious diatribes depressingly hilarious: “They won’t fucking listen!” “Media coverage of Vietnam caused massive dissent in the U.S.A.!” And best of all, “And what if I told you to fuck off?” That last is Crass’s all-purpose answer to anyone who questions their vision of anarchist utopia with mundane quibbles, like if there was no law who would pick up the garbage or deliver pizza, etc. Point being, of course, that society as we know it would cease to exist, and that under the status quo, it’s not possible to envision what a post-revolutionary society would look like, and that it would very likely be uncomfortable for most people. Perhaps that’s true, but is that any reason for not smashing the system that enslaves and kills millions to ensure an endless supply of ’80s revivalists who play “punk-funk” that all sounds like a bad version of “My Sharona”? If underage supermodels can sing along to ubiquitous Au Pairs and Delta 5 jukebox selections, there’s no reason they can’t eventually get into this expeditiously recorded artifact—and rarity of rarities, their parents might not even like it. The Grateful Dead if they sounded like the skull logos looked, and if they were named Grace, Paul, Marty, Jorma, Jack, and Spencer Ramone.