Black Lips+Natural Child


From songs about being forced to sleep with someone, to smoking weed with friends — (and crack, just that one time) — the Black Lips and Natural Child know how to boogie. Even after roughly a decade of serving as two of garage rock’s wildest bands, the Atlanta punks and Nashville grease-balls aren’t tired yet. In fact, their respective recent releases show they’ve waked and baked and readily rolled out some fresh material, ripe for the road and their supporting tour. Released via Vice and co-produced by the Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney and Dap Kings’ Tommy Brenneck, the Lips are touting the slick, Southern Rock-inspired sounds of Under the Rainbow, while Natty Child is sporting their own multi-colored melee on Dancin’ with Wolves (Burger Records). Getting high and getting lost listening to Willie Nelson is one thing, but carefully balancing all that with shots of liquor in the mosh pit at a fish fry with a lampshade on your head is an entirely different area of expertise — one that beer-spewing buds of laid-back vintage country-rock and fatties full of fun should be able to put into practice at a Black Lips and Natural Child show.

Thu., April 17, 7 p.m., 2014