So, the Guggenheim turns 50 and thinks it can get away with anything: Most participants in the first installment of the museum’s It Came From Brooklyn series aren’t actually from Brooklyn—it’s really just the Brooklyn Steppers that are most certainly from everyone’s favorite borough. But think on this: the woozy beats of L.A.’s High Places, covered head to toe in reverb, as an appetizer for the crashing dissonance of the Walkmen as the main course. In between, Village Voice alumnus Colson Whitehead will read Walt Whitman. (Whitman’s from Long Island.) So it didn’t quite come from Brooklyn, but the Walkmen practically created that lo-fi cacophony coming from the other side of the East River, and High Places, well, lived there at some point or something. At least it sounds like it came from Brooklyn.

Fri., Aug. 14, 8 p.m., 2009