Caviar Vending Machines Exist in Beverly Hills


Before putting in your $1.75 for the jumbo bag of Bugles, consider that hungry West Coasters might be snacking on vending machine caviar when 4 p.m. hunger attacks. Beverly Hills Caviar is now doling out the “$500-an-ounce” luxury food in certain Southern California malls for those with champagne wishes and Kardashian dreams.

However strange it seems to purchase automatically presented fish eggs, bizarre food dispensers are popping up all over the world. Eatocracy notes that in Singapore, mashed potatoes emerge instantly in the same way that “hot milk and coffee [are] dispensed from an automated cappuccino machine,” while Londoners are more focused on pizza.

In the United States, a company called Maine Lobster Game is pushing a “live-lobster vending machine” in Hilton Head Island. We can only hope they’re working on a “Who Let the Claws Out?” theme song.