Cher vs. Annette Bening: Which Mother of a FTM Is Doing Better?


Cher once had problems coming to terms with her daughter Chastity’s lesbianism, and now she admits she still wrestles with being totally comfortable regarding Chastity’s transitioning to Chaz Bono.

The Oscar-winning singer/actress still gets the pronouns wrong and sometimes forgets to say “he,” but something about the way she’s so honest about this is quite disarming and you end up understanding her fallibility and sort of liking her, as always.

Meanwhile, Annette Bening and Warren Beatty‘s teen daughter Kathlyn has reportedly been living as a transgender male named Stephen for some time, and Bening and Beatty are as mum on the subject as they would be about Love Affair.

Does this reek of an unsavory embarrassment over it all? Shouldn’t Bening be more public about it, like Cher is, and thereby diffuse any hesitancy about this story?

Probably — though, to be fair, Chaz has been in the public eye since being featured on The Sonny and Cher Show decades ago and later continued to seek the spotlight with organizational work, books, and TV appearances.

Young Stephen really hasn’t.

So maybe Bening’s right to act like it’s nobody’s business but theirs? Or is she just making things seem icky with her silence?

Someone help me decide.