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Christian Green Shares How to Win with Dropshipping


Recent years have witnessed a rise in the popularity of the e-commerce world, thanks to rapid technological advancements. Today, there are many e-commerce business models operating in the digital space. Dropshipping is one of the latest additions to online businesses, and its popularity is scaling at a higher rate.

It is an online business whereby the suppliers or manufacturers have to deliver the products directly to the buyer, who is a customer to the drop shipper. The drop shipper is not involved in the delivery process. All he has to do is share the clients’ details, including the delivery address. Dropshipping is a different type of business as the seller does not have to stock the items they are selling. All they are required to have is a list of all the products they sell. It is an easy business model to set up, thus attracting the interest of thousands of e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Christian Green is an e-commerce entrepreneur with a specialty in dropshipping. He found interest in dropshipping in early 2019, and by March, he had already established his first brand. He saw it as a viable business venture with less risk and the potential to scale up.

Christian made sales amounting to close to $120K within his first month. This was enough motivation to keep him pushing harder, and by the end of the first year, he had made sales totaling one million dollars. Through hard work, persistence, and determination, Christian has again recorded over one million in sales in his second year.

A highly ambitious individual, Christian has since abandoned dropshipping and created another brand with a fulfillment center in California. Like dropshipping, the new brand is doing exceptionally well. It was launched in October last year, and by the end of the year, they had recorded sales worth over $2.4 million. The business has crossed the $3.5 million mark in sales since its establishment.

Christian is on a different level of entrepreneurship. He is willing to share the secrets to his success with others. To begin with, he openly shares his business records to prove his numbers, unlike other entrepreneurs who only state but are not willing to share the books. Christian seeks to be as transparent as possible and differentiates himself from the fakes. This is in an attempt to show others what is possible and everyone can do it.

He is looking forward to starting a personal brand that will focus on helping others create their own e-commerce business. To him, providing value to people looking to start an e-commerce  business is essential. Dropshipping is not a quick get-rich scheme, and that’s why he is leading by example. It is a tricky business space, and unless you understand your driving force and why you are doing it, you can quickly fail.

It takes hard work, dedication, and focus to create a brand that will thrive in ecommerce and earn you success. Furthermore, dropshipping is a highly competitive field that demands innovation in marketing strategies for you to outshine your competitors.

You can also get a glimpse of Christian’s records by following him on Instagram @christiangreen.jpg, as he openly shares screenshots to back his numbers.

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