Club Crawl


Larry Tee is still king of the world, especially the super-fabulous, gay, disco world. He’s kept his crown by dishing his crowd just the right mix of edgy techno—Kompakt and Perlon for the know-it-alls—and the hits for the fashionistas. This week’s New Chelsea Man Pageant is meant to erase visions of those terrible, beefy, overly tan, preening Chelsea boys from your brain forever. They’ll have categories like “Best Smile” and “Grace Under Pressure” (pitting the poor men against a deranged queen trying to molest them). The whole shebang will be judged by Voice in-house celebrity Michael Musto, Amanda Lepore (who needs no introduction), Johnny McGovern, club diva Susanne Bartsch, and the original Chelsea boy, David Barton. The prize is a membership to Barton’s gym. Thu @ 10, Duvet, 45 W 21st, 212-989-2121

The Rapture boys’ popular party Hush Hush isn’t very hush, but that’s ’cause they keep getting solid DJs to play their bash. Dan Selzer, lord of everything nightlife via his NYHappenings mailing list, spins his sturdy combo of classics, Italo disco, and unknown early-’80s gems, throwing you a bone, like Michael Jackson before he sucked (dick and otherwise), when you need one. With Druzzi and Mattie of the Rapture. Fri @ 10, Happy Ending, 302 Broome, 212-334-9676

DJ Heather, formerly of the gal-DJ posse SuperJane, emerged as the monster talent of that group, and she’s achieved a rare feat in dance music: breaking into the top ranks of house DJs in an industry where no one ever retires. She brings her Chicago-bred skill and tough beats to this NextAid benefit, also featuring David Josephs, Aaron Schuum, Johnny Fingers, and Sleepy & Boo. Sat @ 10, Sullivan Room, 218 Sullivan, 212-252-2151

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