Come Hear Marnie Stern and Marnie the Dog Tell Outrageous Tour Stories


Update! If you missed it, watch the full video below

The Marnies, Stern and The Dog. We have loved them both for a very long time here at the Voice. And next Tuesday, October 21, at 8 p.m., we’re getting them together at The Creek and Cave to tell their most outrageous stories from the road. Tour Stories that turned into War Stories. You definitely should come. It’s going to rule. And it’s free.

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We did this, you’ll recall, back in March when we packed the house with Andrew W.K. and Wu-Tang Clan’s Masta Killa. It was such a blast, we knew immediately we wanted to do it again. Marnie Stern and Marnie the Dog were the first two road dogs (har!) that came to mind, for a few reasons.

1) As this picture below from SXSW a couple years back illustrates, they’re totes besties.

2) Both have a lot of miles under the hood — Marnie Stern has toured all over the world these last few years, and Marnie the Dog goes to every music festival that’s worthy of her luminescent presence.

3) Do you really need a third reason? You are selfish. Maybe take a look in the mirror. Again, this thing is free.

Over the years we’ve conducted interviews with Marnie Stern. She’s conducted them for us. She played our 4Knots Music Festival last year. (And killed it.) We named her Best Guitarist of New York this year because DUH. She shreds on guitar, and is fun as hell to be around. Her stories from a life on tour will likely floor you, but may not be appropriate if you’re under 18.

As for Marnie the Dog, well, we personally invited her to 4Knots this year simply because she spreads good vibes wherever she is, and we know she loves festies. She’s made quite a few famous friends over the last year on her way to over 300,000 Instagram followers (Tina Fey, Grimes, Lena Dunham, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson of Broad City, every musician playing every festival). She’s a phenomenon. She even engaged in The Great Selfie War of 2014 with James Franco, and won decisively. She’s got stories.

They’ve both got stories. So come see Marnie Stern and Marnie the Dog at 8 p.m. next Tuesday at The Creek and the Cave in Long Island City (venue info below), or you’ll never forgive yourself. You deserve to be as happy as this guy...