Death in a Glass? Morir Soñando at Jimbo’s Hamburger Palace


Morir soñando, which in English means “to die dreaming,” might be the most inappropriately named — and delectable — drink you’ve never heard of.
The mocktail, a staple of Dominican Republic breakfast fare, actually doesn’t kill you in your sleep. The concoction — a blend of orange juice, milk, and sugar, over ice — probably brings you as far away from soporific demise as possible, as it can add unexpected zest to your morning meal routine.
At Jimbo’s Hamburger Palace, in Washington Heights, servings of the elixir start at $3.
The made-to-order blend, available at the 2048 Amsterdam Avenue greasy spoon, combines citrusy and creamy flavors. The result: a smoothie-like mix reminiscent of Creamsicles, featuring a frothy top layer.
Compared with other morir soñando recipes — some of which include vanilla or starfruit garnishes — Jimbo’s approach is pretty straightforward.
Still, the beverage excels in its simplicity. The refreshing balance of heavy and light aromas has the same effect as eating sorbet between meal courses — the low-key drink helps to clean the palate of the eatery’s fattier fare.