Disambiguation: 11 Things Fork in the Road Is Besides a NYC Food Blog


1. Fork in the Road: An album by Neil Young, his 32nd, released on Reprise Records in 2009. There’s a song on the album called “Fork in the Road,” which has these lyrics: “There’s a fork in the road ahead, I don’t know which way I’m gonna go.”

2. Fork in the Road: A 2010 movie directed by Jim Kouf, starring Jaime King, Josh Cooke, and Silas Weir Mitchell. IMDB describes the plot thusly: “Will, an escaped convict, inadvertently takes refuge in a barn the same night the owners, April and Martin, get into a terrible fight. A gun shot goes off inside the house. April drags Martin’s body outside and discovers Will.”

3. Fork in the Road: A restaurant in Mukwonago, Wisconsin, specializing in seafood, barbecue, fish fries, and soup and sandwiches. According to the website: “When you come to this ‘Fork in the Road’ it’s an easy choice to make. Exceptional customer service makes this dining experience a stand out every time you visit. You’re not only our customer, you’re our guest. … All dishes are prepared with their secret ingredient … TLC.”

4.Fork in the Road: A song on the hip-hop collaboration between Dead Prez and Outlawz called Can’t Sell Dope Forever. The lyrics intone, “They always told me at a time, I’d come to forks in the road / I was raised by the block (and the folks are old) / They always told me at a time, I’d come to forks in the road.”

5. Fork in the Road: A Michigan-based food show with Eric Villegas that “celebrates the diverse food heritage of the Great Lakes region.” The show spun off a now-defunct blog called Blog in the Road. The show produced 79 episodes, including “My Michigan Asparagus Guacamole,” “Crispy Smelt With Hickory-Based Cocktail Sauce,” and “Chef Mario Batali and Whitefish Nachos.”

6. Fork in the Road: An intersection in which a single thoroughfare branches into two.

7. Fork in the Road: An Australian television series. It ran for nine seasons intermittently between 1992 and 2006, and covered pretty much all of the world in one way or another in 62 episodes of 25 minutes each. Producers described it as the “thinking man’s travel show,” and the host was Pria Viswalingham.

8. Fork in the Road: A song by 1960s Motown artists Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, featured as a B-side for “Tracks of My Tears.” The haunting refrain: “I may be just a stranger / But let me warn you there’s a danger / Of a fork in love’s road.”

9. Fork in the Road: A food truck based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Today’s menu includes BBQ pulled pork grilled cheese; hot beef hoagie; Buffalo chicken with house-made blue cheese, roasted red pepper, and fresh mozz with basil garlic mayo and arugula; and corn chowder. Sounds good!

10. Fork in the Road: A website offering nutritional advice, mounted by Iowa-based consultant Sheree Clark. The spiel begins, “Welcome … and congratulations on your decision to take better care of yourself! Many — perhaps even most — people who have come to embrace a healthier lifestyle arrived at their fork in the road because of an event in their lives.”

11. Fork in the Road: A “healthy” cookbook by obese (and excellent) New Orleans chef Paul Prudhomme.

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