Does Howard Stern Wear a Wig?


If he does, that’s fine with me. But magazine editor Chaunce Hayden seems to think it’s a big deal.

Bear in mind that Hayden used to be on the show, apparently got shit-canned, and has since tried to stir up ill will against the shock jock, most recently saying Stern had turned his back (and his wig) on troubled comic Artie Lange.

And his new follicle evidence?

A press release from Hayden says, “A wig company called Farrell Hair Systems apparently has a NYC salon where they keep a wall of clients hidden behind a curtain.

“Hmmm, well guess whose framed photo hangs along side years of loyal clients? You guessed it…..

“Hayden now has in his possession two photos (attached; “no pun”) of the infamous Farrell client wall featuring Howard Stern with his long curls. Oddly, it’s the exact same hair style worn by the owner of the company Richard Farrell himself.

“In recent years, Stern (whose father is as bald as an egg) has admitted to getting loads of plastic surgery on his face, including a new and improved chin. Could it be time for Stern to finally come (Mr.) clean about his hair?”

Can this be true? And would you really believe someone who writes about himself in the third person?

Michael Musto would!