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Family Feud


Family secrets can be a real bitch: Once you get some answers, they usually lead to more questions—and irresolvable ones at that. That’s made evidently clear in Erin Einhorn’s book The Pages in Between: A Holocaust Legacy of Two Families, One Home. Originally introduced on Ira Glass’s This American Life, this investigative family history—along with author and host—make their way to the Tenement Museum to a hold another serious discussion on the ethical complexities of familial conflict. (Sounds like fun, no?). The Pages in Between is Einhorn’s emotional journey into finding out what happened to the Polish woman who saved her mother’s life during the Holocaust. Initially, the reunion between Einhorn and the late woman’s family is picturesque but soon after, they pull her into the middle of a real estate mess that had been made on a handshake between their mother and her grandfather sixty years prior. The memoir makes you wonder to what lengths—if any—she is morally obligated to help this family out.

Tue., Nov. 18, 6:30 p.m., 2008