In an experience that mirrors the annual struggle of red-state Jewry, the eponymous couple of this crackbrained holiday comedy choose not to celebrate Christmas, and are terrorized by hordes of pallid, antagonistic neighbors. However, Luther (Tim Allen) and his shrill, sex-starved wife, Nora (Jamie Lee Curtis), have a better reason than “religious differences” to abstain from the festivities; apparently, a Caribbean cruise costs less than Christmas shopping! The prospect of a surprise visit from their absent daughter quickly catalyzes bizarre changes of heart, with the neighbors channeling their hostility into heavenly forgiveness. With The Kranks, the newly chunky Tim Allen finally reinvents his dwindling career as an elaborate exercise in postmodern, Hasselhoff-style self-parody. This cringe-worthy spectacle is still the third or fourth funniest movie to spring from a John Grisham novel, though nothing tops Samuel L. Jackson’s “I hope they burn in hell!” diatribe from the 1996 adaptation of Grisham’s pitch-black KKKomedy A Time to Kill.