OK men, listen up: Girls got it rough. From leg stubble to heavy menstrual flow to feminism, the ladies have problems galore. Fortunately, they’ve also got guys around to help them cope, as Sorority Boys (Disney, in general release) gladly demonstrates. This informative and tit-packed motion picture gamely explores the struggles of being an innie instead of an outie, via the tale of three happenin’ dudes who get booted from their frat and are forced to don drag and hole up in a sorority while plotting their revenge.

Even worse, the abode in question is Delta Omicron Gamma, home to the grodiest gals on campus (read: four-eyed and hirsute types)—at least until our heroes, led by 7th Heaven‘s Barry Watson, give ’em some self-confidence lessons. In order to do so, the lads need to maintain their Tootsie act, the DOGs being unused to accepting male instruction. Thus it’s miniskirts, football, and dildo fights all around, as the fellas explore femininity by stuffing their bras and teaching their newfound sisters to act more like, um, guys. Or rather, the type of liberated maiden—equal parts jiggle, aggression, and vapidity—who’s not afraid to break from her shackles and snag the leering knave she’s now boorish enough to attract.

The brothers learn an even greater lesson: Chicks are suckers for sympathy, and only too happy to let a gent into their panties if they know he’s endured the ignominy of wearing a pair. (And provided, of course, that he steps gracefully back out as his hunky, Y-chromosome self.) Womanhood, Sorority Boys reveals, ain’t so bad after all—as long as you remember to swing your dick around.