From Soil to Society: Rustin Kluge & Ruby Farms’ Commitment to Living Off the Land and Social Causes


In the heartland of America, where tractors outshine Ferraris and the soil tells a story of generations, you’ll find the remarkable enterprise that is Ruby Farms. With deep roots sown in the soil, it extends its branches in the direction of a cause-driven legacy, one that transcends the realms of agriculture. Ruby Farms (the brainchild of Rustin), a former Division I college athlete with a patriotic spirit, is more than just a farming business, it’s a powerful embodiment of his commitment to social causes.

The seeds of this commitment were planted early during Rustin’s childhood, after spending time on his grandparent’s farm, it created a lasting impression that continued to play a significant role in his passion for farming. The old farm’s ethos has transcended time, instilling in Rustin an ardent love for organic farming. Ruby Farms operates hundreds of acres of farmland across the U.S. in Oregon, Michigan, and New York, adhering to the philosophy that nature, in its purest form, holds the key to sustainable business.

Strategically situating farms in different regions to cultivate diverse crops, Ruby Farms also champions locality. There’s a fond reference to the “Ruby Pack” on every farm, a nod to their love for German Shepherds, a breed they passionately breed and consider part of the family. Their respect for nature extends to their belief in natural remedies, countering the stigma associated with alternative treatments.

Rustin’s dedication to organic farming reflects an inspiring philosophy, as 75 percent of Ruby Farms is certified organic, with the remaining farms in transition. He firmly believes in the integrity of organic farming: no harmful pesticides and no shortcuts. Drawing parallels with the ethical farming practices of the 50s and 60s, Rustin envisions a return to such methods over the next 20 years.

Beyond farming, however, is where Rustin’s vision truly shines. The prosperity of Ruby Farms has paved the way for a broader societal commitment. With an unwavering passion for veterans—a sentiment rooted in his grandfather’s experiences as a World War II POW—Rustin extends his support to organizations like the Navy Seal Foundation and Wounded Warrior Project (WWP).

But his mission doesn’t stop there. As a family man, Rustin holds a deep regard for public safety. His support for law enforcement extends coast to coast, backing institutions such as the Miami Beach Canine Club, Dutchess County Public Safety, and Deschutes County Public Safety. These are causes that he passionately supports, including many others, as to keep the communities and schools safe.

A prevailing theme in Rustin’s endeavors is mental health. With the contemporary world grappling with issues of substance abuse, Rustin emphasizes the need for resources and outlets to help those struggling. He holds a particular concern for veterans dealing with PTSD and stands by his commitment to supporting mental health, a crusade that is intricately woven into Ruby Farm’s ideology.

Moreover, Rustin’s experiences growing up in the 80s made him aware of the adverse effects of bullying. He stands firm against it, pushing for increased awareness and stating with conviction: “No kid should go through this.”

In essence, Ruby Farms and Affiliates is an inspiring portrait of resilience and commitment. From the pursuit of organic farming to the active support of key societal causes, it exemplifies a holistic approach to entrepreneurship. By engaging with the community and the environment in such meaningful ways, it’s clear that Ruby Farms is not only growing crops, but also nurturing a cause-driven legacy. It’s a testament to Rustin’s belief that agriculture, in its essence, is not just about the harvest, but about the seeds we sow in society.

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