Gay People Drink and Dine Better Than Straight People


According to a infographic by Target 10, a gay-focused agency for top-tier consumer brands, gay people drink, dine out, and party more. The survey was based on a Experian Simmons data set with about 33,000 people polled. Not only are gays and lesbians more likely to consumer certain alcohol, but they’re also more likely to consumer larger volumes of alcohol.

In terms of food, they’re more open to trying new eats compared to their straight counterparts. The data shows that 68 percent of gay men enjoy eating foreign foods. Lesbians are at 52 percent, straight men are at 43 percent, and straight women are at 46 percent.

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Gay men also love gin more, lesbians like tequila, and both gays and lesbians consume large amounts of vodka.