Here’s the Video of Lindsay Lohan Not Hitting Anyone With Her Car


The NYPD has released video of troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan driving into a parking garage — and that’s all it seems to show.

Lohan was ticketed early yesterday morning for allegedly hitting 34-year-old Jose Rodriguez with her Porsche Cayenne — and then just driving off — as she drove into a parking garage at a downtown hotel.

Rodriguez claims Lohan hit his knee, which resulted in “knee pain” but no real injuries.

As you can see in the video (formatted by WABC), Lohan doesn’t appear to hit anyone as she enters the garage — but that doesn’t necessarily mean she didn’t hit Rodriguez prior to coming into view of the surveillance camera.

The NYPD hasn’t taken a side either way, noting in an accompanying statement that, “In the attached video, a vehicle driven by the actress Lindsay Lohan is seen turning into a location where a pedestrian passes in front of the car with his back toward it.

“The same individual is then seen standing by the side of the car as it enters and, later still, walking after it as the car moves down the passageway. The same individual reported that he was struck by the vehicle as it turned into the location. Faces of complainant/witnesses are intentionally blurred. “