Jason Beghe to Anonymous: Grow Up


(Beghe, left, in San Francisco at an Anonymous rally with Larry Wollersheim.)

Jason Beghe is the veteran actor who, last April, became the first of Scientology’s pampered celebrities to leave the organization and then denounce it publicly.

Since then, he’s continued to work to publicize the shortcomings of L. Ron Hubbard’s wacky cabal, and he quickly became a hero to many in the Anonymous movement, who praised him for his courage.

We checked in with Jason this morning about the news about the Vaseline prank pulled by some young members of Anonymous here in New York.

This is what Beghe had to say directly to the (typically college-aged) Anonymous members:

Anonymous set out to do something, which was to get the Church of Scientology to stop fucking around with “their” Internet. And they succeeded! That game is over, and someone should give them a big medal.

Since that game is over, they ought to create a new one. And it sure ain’t running around rubbing pubic hair on people and things. That gives Scientology an easy way to play the victim. Which is one of their tactics.

I think Anonymous should be very proud of what they accomplished. And they should know that the Church of Scientology is nothing to be afraid of.

Maybe their next game should be ‘Naked Anonymous.’ And I don’t mean take your pants off. I mean take your masks off. Show them that you’re not afraid.

UPDATE: Tomorrow, another message for Anonymous, this time from Wise Beard Man.